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Ansökningsperiod: 15 mars - 31 maj 2021.

Call for planning grants for studies of work and employment for recently graduated PhD’s

Work and Employment Reserach Center (WE) is announcing planning grants for recently graduated researchers in order to aid in their work with applications for funding (such as post-doc funding). By issuing planning grants, WE aims to support newly graduated PhD’s interested in doing research on work and employment-related issues, in order for them to develop full research proposals to major research councils.

Amount and conditions
The planning grant is 50 000 SEK (including OH). The grant can be used for wage costs including social fees, as well as other costs related to the project application development (such as payment of external reviews of proposals, visits to organizations etc. In collaboration with the applicant, WE will provide opportunities for the applicant to receive feedback and thus improve the quality of the application.

Receivers of a planning grant commit to do the following:

• Participate in a grant-proposal seminar where the applicant proposes a scientific reviewer of the proposal (WE will help to organize this in collaboration with the applicant)

• Allocate time to work with the application

• Send a complete application for a post-doc project/research project to at least one research council, such as FORTE, Formas, Mistra, Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, Vetenskapsrådet, Vinnova, EU, or similar.

• Submit a final report to WE, containing a short description of the work with the application, councils applied to, and the outcome of the application.

The PhD must have been obtained, or will be, within the period 2019 01 01 - 2021 06 31. In order to receive the planning grant, one of the following institutions must administer the planning grant: the University of Gothenburg (including Sahlgrenska /VGR); Chalmers University of Technology; University West; University of Borås; and University of Skövde.

We welcome applications from researchers from all scientific disciplines interested in studying work and employment-related issues.

The project text for the planning grant should be no longer than 3 A4-pages (9000 characters, references excluded). The applications should be made using the application-form provided on WE’s webpage:Application form WE planning grant

 Deadline and important dates
Deadline for applications is May 31st, 2021. Applicants that receive planning grants are expected to work with the application during the second half of 2021 and the first half of 2022. Applications should be sent to Maria Norbäck, maria.norback@handels.gu.se. The decisions regarding the applications will be announced June 30th at the latest.

The applications are assessed by WE’s steering group, which consists of experts on work and employment from different scientific disciplines. WE’s steering group makes the final decision, which cannot be appealed against. Only well-prepared applications will be considered for assessment. Applications are assessed with respect to:

1. scientific quality,

2. societal relevance in the area of work and employment, and

3. feasibility.

Each criterion will be scored by the review panel on a scale of 1–7, where 1 is the lowest and 7 is the highest.

Final report
The final report with the sent applications attached should be submitted to WE no later than Dec 10th, 2022.

About WE
Work and Employment Research Centre (WE) is a research centre located at Gothenburg Centre for sustainable development. The purpose of WE is to promote and support research, education, innovation and utilization in the field of sustainable work and employment. For more information about WE: www.we.gu.se.

For more information about the call for planning grant, contact WE:s director Maria Norbäck: maria.norback@handels.gu.se


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