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Vast areas in the Brazilian Amazon may lose its protection new study finds

Nyhet: 2018-11-14

Video with Focali member and co-author Martin Persson Chalmers where he summarize the key findings of this new study. Co-produced by Focali and Gothenburg Centre for Sustainable Development, GMV. Editing and graphics by Hugo Gustafsson, Communication Officer GMV

A new study published in Nature Sustainability shows that up to fifteen million hectares of land might lose its current protection due to a paragraph in the Brazilian Forest Act, the most important legal framework for nature conservation on privately owned land in Brazil. Behind the study is a collaboration between KTH and Chalmers in Sweden, and the University of São Paulo in Brazil.

Read an interview with the main writer Flavio Freitas, KTH, published on Focali.se.
Read the study "Potential increase of legal deforestation in Brazilian Amazon after Forest Act revision" published in Nature Sustainability.


Artikeln publicerades först på: www.gmv.gu.se

Sidansvarig: GMV|Sidan uppdaterades: 2012-12-20

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