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SDG Christmas Calendar Goal 12

Nyhet: 2017-12-12

Watch interview with Cecilia Solér, Business Administration at University of Gothenburg, about Sustainable Development Goal number 12: Responsible consumption and production.

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More about Cecilia Solér and her research

More about goal 12: Responsible consumption and production - Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

Department of Business Administration, School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg

Centre for Consumer Research (CCR)
The purpose of Centre for Consumer Research is to gain knowledge of consumption and consumption patterns, which is relevant for researchers, authorities, the industry, organizations, and consumers. The centre is a meeting place for researchers from different disciplines. By working together in interdisciplinary teams a more balanced, profound, and deeper understanding of consumption can be reached. 
More about CCR

Chalmers Production Area of Advance
Chalmers Production focuses on connected and sustainable production. This includes new resource and energy-efficient processes for manufacturing and development of new products and production systems. The research generates knowledge and tools in modeling, simulation and optimization, combined with support for decision-making in close collaboration with industry.
More about Chalmers Production Area of Advance

Swedish Life Cycle Center is a center of excellence for the advance of applied life cycle thinking in industry and other parts of society. e center is a joint collaboration platform for universities, industries, research institutes and government agencies for competence building and exchange of experience to move the life cycle eld forward.
More about Swedish Life Cycle Center

Follow the SDG Christmas Calendar 2017 and open 17 slots for a sustainable future!

Every day, from the 1st until the 17th of December, GMV will present one of the Sustainable Development Goals. Meet researchers from Chalmers University of Technology and University of Gothenburg in short filmed interviews where they explain why the goal is important for them and reveal who they want to invite for a "fika" (coffee) to discuss the goal further.

SDG Christmas Calendar 2017


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